Talk of tourism, great landscapes, wineries and hospitality; Central Otago has been one of the regions in Otago that has always led the pack. There are indeed some awesome outstanding spots that visitors, local and tourists plunge to every now and then. Below are some of those top restaurants.

Ancient Britton Tavern & Lodge

Originally established in 1863 with the goal of offering services to gold traders, holiday makers and locals, Ancient Britton is renowned to be Nasby’s oldest Tavern. Over the centuries, it had housed several top clubs like Nasby & the Central Otago club (special meeting spot for locals and farmers), Pioneer Ladies and other top pubs. Reputed to have won countless trophies and awards, this historic Inn features a large dining room and about 35 separate en-suited rooms for conducive lodge accommodation. Other features include a local wine list and a country kitchen that will appeal any traveler.

Bannockburn Hotel- Wine Country Restaurant & Bar

Located in a scenic environment just across the bridge in Cromwell in the core heart of Central Otago. Every visitor has the opportunity of having a panoramic view of the finest landscapes, rugged mountain sceneries and best vineyards from this hotel. The Bannockburn Hotel had stood amidst flooded valleys, built and rebuilt dams, influx of Chinese settlers and still offer professional services for local wines, good food and cold beers. Your lunch would be perfect when you choose from over 200 wines on their menu list.

Carrick Winery Restaurant and Cellar Door

Sitting adjacent the Bannockburn Inlet in Caimmuir Road, Carrick Winery Restaurant stands out as that ideal place for lunchtime groove. Their menu consists of meals processed from the best local and organic seasoned produce. Wines served at Carrick are groomed in their organic vineyards and are steadily served with lunch. Their large windows overlook the great mountain ranges and lakes. The restaurant closes during winter but the cellar door are opened same winter periods between 11am – 5pm daily.

Omakau Commercial Hotel

Freshness and quality is fully ensured at Omakau as they pride themselves in great food service and hospitality. With a wide range of Central Otago’s best wines to choose from the wine list, sea foods are also available even though the hotel is in a landlocked area. When you are not taking lunch, you can take a simple walk around their gorgeous garden or rest under the shades made of tropical conservation. The ‘Good Ya Mates’ movie adverts by Speight and ‘Two Tickets to the Ball’ were run here because of their scenic environment.

Paulina’s Restaurant & Bar

Situated near a local cinema in Central Clyde, this restaurant is the perfect place to have fuse of New Zealand and international meal altogether. An ideal restaurant for family or group hangouts, their best cuisines are drawn from different parts of the world; Japanese, Spanish, Italian, English, French, etc. Paulina’s have been reputed to successfully bring together citizens of different nations at one happy table.


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